​ The Information Management Unit (IMU) is responsible for promoting and guiding the management of information as a strategic business asset within the Ministry and supporting technology infrastructure as a key component of business transformation. The primary functions of the IMU include:


  • The formation of strategic and operational Information & Communication Technology (ICT)/ Information Systems (IS) plans for the Ministry which complement and contribute towards the attainment of the national Government ICT strategy.
  • Providing direction and support to the Permanent Secretary on strategic ICT matters.
  • Managing ICT/IS support, contractors and monitoring service provision.
  • Managing the information technology/systems within the Ministry.
  • Managing the ICT budget and the optimisation of ICT resources.
  • Identifying ICT/IS training needs and carrying out training as required.
  • Applying Governmental-wide policies, standards and procedures.
  • ICT/IS research and governance


The Information Management Unit collaborates with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), other ministries, broader public sector organizations and private sector suppliers on cross-government initiatives in support of government’s objectives.


Email address: imu.mgoz@gov.mt