This Directorate is responsible of the sections listed below with the aim to provide a quality and timely service to the citizen when administering the various schemes and subsidies issued by the Ministry for Gozo. The Directorate is also responsible to provide community service to the vulnerable, the elderly and people with disability and to provide facilities and services to the people practicing sports in Gozo.

The sections listed underneath form part of the Services Gozo Directorate

• Care for the Elderly and Persons with Disability Section

• Santa Marta Day Care Centre for Persons with Disability

• Social Work Unit

• Social Housing Office

• eResidence Unit

• Passport Office

• Industrial and Employment Relations Office

• Licensing and Testing Office

• Health Inspectorate Services Office

• Social Security Offices – Victoria and Nadur

• Gozo Sports Complex

• Trade Office

• Subsides and Schemes Section

• Notary to Government Office

• Non-Government Organisation Centre

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