The main responsibilities of the Central Salaries Section include the processing and maintenance of the salary amendments and payroll changes across all Government Departments in a timely and accurate manner as per established policies and regulations emanating mainly from that PSMC. This Section keeps constant liaison with the various HR Sections within Government Departments to ensure the adequate and accurate transmission of payroll information covering the public service employees is in line with PAHRO guidelines and as stipulated in the Public Service Management Code. The Central Salaries Section is responsible for the updating and proper maintenance of promotions, progressions and appointments of all the employees on the Government Payroll. Another important function within the remit of the Central Salaries Section is to provide assistance and information for queries raised both from the HR Sections and also from the public service employees within the Government Departments.

The main responsibility of the Treasury Pensions includes the timely and accurate computation and issuing of the Treasury Pensions and Gratuities payable to those eligible Government employees who have been in continuous service since 15th January 1979. Those eligible employees include also the Armed Forces of Malta, the Correctional Services and the Malta Police Force. In addition to the Treasury Pension, this Section also issues the Bonus and the Income Supplement payable to entitled pensioners. The Treasury Pensions Section has within its other remit constant liaison with the HR Department across Government Department covering accurate applications for those public service employees upon attaining pensionable age. The Section also provides assistance and information to queries raised by the pensioners on a regular basis. Another function within the remit of this Section is the collection of the Cost Sharing proportions of Treasury Pensions from ex-government owned Corporations and Entities on an annual basis.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
From 7.00 – 3.15 in Winter and Summer

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