Through this scheme, aid is to be granted to business operators in the form of a partial reimbursement to expenses incurred on the:

• Relocation of business-related equipment and material; and

• A financial grant serving as an establishment package relieving the operator from expenses related to ‘starting-up’ functions in Gozo.

In recent years, Gozo has witnessed unprecedented economic growth complemented with infrastructural investments in several sectors. In order to sustain this linear economic growth, the Ministry for Gozo has been offering schemes that support businesses in Gozo in many different ways.

For the year 2020, the Ministry for Gozo has launched the Gozo Business Relocation Scheme, amongst other schemes, to provide support to companies based in Malta or abroad, that partially or fully relocate their enterprise to Gozo. Only enterprises that shall engage a minimum of 10 simultaneous full-time employees residing in Gozo within the first month of establishment shall be considered for this scheme. However, business proposals that may engage lesser than 10 employees but more than 5 employees, shall be given due consideration on the basis of their business proposal.

The objective of this scheme is to further attract enterprises to conduct their business operations in Gozo to ensure the employment market on the Island creates more, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, opportunities of employment. This is a scheme that can provide Gozitans employed in Malta with an opportunity to find employment in their homeland.

Qualifying for eligibility under this scheme does not exclude the beneficiary company to apply for incentives administered by the Ministry for Gozo – mainly the Gozo Employment Refund Scheme and the Gozo Back Office Employment Scheme.

Information Area

J. Starting, running and closing a business (2. Moving a business to another Member state)

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Update date

11th September 2020

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