The role of the Ministry for Gozo is to secure and bring about the economic and social prosperity for Gozitan entities and its residents, taking into consideration the Island’s unique characteristics and distinctiveness. 

With its singular position within the nation’s Public Administration – Singular in the sense that it is the only Ministry having a regional dimension. The Ministry for Gozo has a vital role in influencing national policies and the channeling of national funding programmes towards the needs and aspirations of Gozo and its residents. 

Throughout the years it has managed and successfully implemented an array of diverse major capital projects on the Island. The investments undertaken and those currently being effected in Gozo by the Ministry for Gozo, demonstrates its resilience, its fortitude and the resolve and determination of its workforce.

In order to bolster the sustainability and competitiveness of the economic operators established on the Island of Gozo, the Ministry for Gozo constantly invests and administers sector specific schemes, promotional campaigns and cultural programmes with the aim of attracting investment, diversifying the island’s economy and creating new job opportunities. The Ministry recognises the need of pursuing a sustainable development strategy for the island, encompassing economic, environmental, and society’s objectives. 

The Ministry for Gozo is committed in its role as the major enabler in Gozo and it will continue in its endevours to not only positively impact the social and economic well-being of the Gozitan population and its business community, but to further consolidate Gozo’s net positive impact on the nation.

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