Eco Gozo

Botanist and Plant Disease Service

Organise a Clean-up Event in Gozo

Adopted Pets Assistance Scheme​

Conservation of wild plants: Eradication of invasive Pennisetum species

Elderly and Special Needs

St Marta Day Centre for Persons with Special Needs Gozo Application

​​​Application for Elderly Services

Government Maintenance Works

Government Maintenance Works in Gozo

Public Spaces in Gozo

Online Calendar and Booking Platform for Public Spaces in Gozo

Rural Gozo

Pass Change for Free Transport of Agricultural Products from Gozo to Malta

Sale of fruit Trees

Scheme for the distribution of Maltese trees and indigenous plants in Gozo​

Registration for the Storage of Pitkali Crates in Gozo

Pass for Free Transport of Agricultural Products from Gozo to Malta

Social Housing

Social Housing


Gozitan Sportsperson Assistance Scheme​​

Gozo Sports Complex Gym Membership

Gozo Sports Complex Yearly Membership

Subsidies and Schemes

Gozo Cultural Events Fund

Additional Benefit for Gozitan Students to assist with Rental Costs associated with Living in Malta during their Period of Study

Financial Assistance to Patients travelling between the Maltese Islands

Frequent Travel Card

Daily Commuter Travel Card

Gozo Channel Family Pass

Gozo Resident Workers’ Subsidy including the Collective Transport Subsidy

Grant Payable to Gozitan Resident Students Following Full-Time Courses in Malta

Grant Payable to Malta Resident Students Following Full-Time Courses in Gozo

​Expression of Interest for Artists - Book Your Cultural Event in Gozo

Tourism and Economic Development​

Supporting Marketing Initiatives for the Accommodation Sector in Gozo 2024

Supporting Sustainable Quality Employment in Gozo Scheme 2024

Supporting Knowledge-Based Sectors in Gozo Scheme 2024

Supporting Marketing initiatives for specific Niche markets in Gozo 2024

Supporting the Adventurous Tourism Industry in Gozo through Hiring Equipment Refund Scheme 2024

Gozo Teleworking Scheme ​2024

Restoring and Upgrading Venues with the Capacity to Host MICE Events in Gozo 2024