The Electoral Office was tasked with the responsibility of the Street Naming Committee on the 8th January 2016, by means of Act No. II of 2016.

The naming and renaming of streets in Gozo, other than arterial and distributor roads determined by the Structure Plan shall take place after the Local Council of that locality submits its recommendation to the Minister responsible for the Electoral Office who shall refer such recommendations to the Gozo Street Naming Committee for its advice.

The naming or renaming of:

– Arterial and distribution roads determined by the Structure Plan.

– National Monuments.

– National Parks.

– National Gardens.

– Industrial Estates.

– Ports.

– Airports.

– Other Territories, establishments, buildings and items listed in the Fourth Schedule to the Local Government Act (Chapter 363 of the       Laws of Malta) shall be directed by the Minister responsible for the Electoral Office, who shall act on the recommendation of the Gozo     Street Naming Committee after such committee consults all the Local Councils of the localities bordering on the area to be named.