Through this scheme, aid is to be granted to employers in the form of a financial grant spread over a 3-year period, paid proportionately on the number of days the employee is granted telework. The scheme also offers a financial grant related to the Technological and Capital Investment to equip the employee with the necessary tools to perform tasks.

The Gozo Teleworking Scheme will provide aid to employers, based and registered in Malta, to offer their Gozitan resident employees the facility to work from home should their job-related tasks be equally fulfilled. Providing employees with the opportunity to balance their work and life commitments, whilst still maintaining the same level of performance throughout the organisation, is given prominence by various organisations both on a national and international level. Offering this level of flexibility to a workforce implies managing at a distance, which subsequently necessitates a more robust and adaptable system of work measurement. However, it is widely understood that this flexibility allows the employee to be increasingly productive, incentives the employee to go the extra mile and substitute time lost in travel with actual work done.

Information Area

1) Work and retirement within the Union;

2) Seeking employment in another Member State; 

3) Taking employment in another member state;

4) Employees; 

5) Terms of employment stipulated by law or statutory instrument.

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Update date

11th September 2020

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